Monday, December 14, 2009

the latest and greatest!

wearing rain boots daily! introduced Tim to the oinkster and their famous pastrami sandwiches! I'm loving december - decorating, wrapping your presents, drowning myself in holiday music, checking the mail for christmas cards (Danielle's is super cute)! almost went to big bear this weekend but the weather was dicey. saw "everything's fine" and cried almost the whole time then made my parents rush out to see it and cry! trying to kick my old school americano habit. christmas shopped in pasadena on Saturday night in the rain with Tim - so much fun! took walter to the dog park and let him roll around in puddles & mud. randomly watched "war of the roses" yesterday. met Danielle and Brian @ the grove and experienced the american girl store with them & saved christmas! finally feel normal again after that awful cold. made a chore chart. we were sneakily conned into buying a lot of pricey dog treats at three dog bakery for walter- which he is happy about. invited to a caroling party in Tulsa which starts an hour after my plane lands! want to see mary poppins! wish I owned a sweater. excited for Karen's big fat greek 40th birthday next sunday! taking my vitamins. want to go ice skating. been eating quite a bit of thai food. planning a fantastic bridal shower for my cousin Morgan 2 days after christmas! intrigued by neon green nail polish. can hardly wait for Mia to give birth and hopeful I'll be in town when it happens!

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