Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!

My sun tan hue control tops were exposed, my brooch was in place on top of my gaudy scarf, my gap kids turtleneck was brand new, my dark lipstick was smudged and my thrift store hot pants were freshly spray painted black (spray painting your clothes makes them hard and crusty) - I was ready to step out as Edie Bouvier Beale for John's Halloween party in Los Feliz!

Only a handful of people recognized me as Little Edie, to the others I was a gypsy or a Muslim in hot pants!
Little Edie, Flapper & Cougar
Our host was Mr. Potato Head
PJ, Meg & Chris
I picked up a spooky cat decoration and made it my own since Little Edie was no stranger to a house full of stray cats and raccoons!
Meg, Pat & Sara
Gilligan & Swine Flu (there were several flus at the party)
This scary witch was on wheels and just glided around like one of those vacuum cleaners!

Makena & Will

soft skinned cougar, Edie & the artist as something we had never heard of!


Evie B. said...

Love the costume! You are fabulous.

Unknown said...

Great costume!

LuLu said...

Where was Root? Love the costume!!!!