Monday, March 23, 2009

Congratulations Everyone!

I'm taking a trip to Chicago for my birthday! Danielle has a new hairdo! Target sells mexican coke! Mia and Gavin bought a house! Tim shot a music video yesterday! I just went to Starbucks in my pajamas! My Dad booked my Mom a ticket to see me in May- Congrats to him! Paige and Tristant moved into a big house! My mom started a blog! Dillan has a lot of bases for her car seat! Just over 2 more months until I'm 33! Sarah G. is pregnant! Loquat season is almost over for Hillary! Paige is giving Mia boxes! Tim got me napkins, a wok and a cute preppy rug at ikea! My boss has a boyfriend! Gavin got a new job at Sony! I'm making mini meatloaves tonight for dinner! Caden is in a Target ad! Sara & Clay are pregnant! I'm a bridesmaid in Lauren's wedding! Brooke and Emily are having babies in May! Tabatha has the day off! Johonna is back in the US for good! no one I know went to prison this weekend!


LA DOG CO said...

Lo-crap season is almost over???? That's news to me but it's music to my tell more!

hub of the house said...

Hill- I made it up research has been done on the subject.

Brooke and Peter said...

yay for fun things!!! can't wait to read Janie's blog!