Saturday, August 9, 2008

Go For The GOLD!!!

My pals and I went for the gold Friday night! The Beijing Summer Olympics were kicked off with an Opening Ceremony party at Pj & Jaime's house! SOME of us dressed as our favorite sports, we all enjoyed bountiful Chinese food, Ugly Johnny & I further discussed our wedding when I am 35, there was a serious dance party, PJ & I compared iphone applications, Ed had an incident with insect repellent, I did some serious pressuring, Mitch & Amanda were revealed, Mia found out Jaime loves Usher, We learned about Sara's creepy 5th grade teacher that liked foot massages, I was told I had a big mouth, we drank USA cocktails and Gavin sported his speedo!!! nice Olympic spirit, eh? P.S. - This is my 3rd dress up party in a month!

Soccer, Swimming, Swimming and Tennis...

Meg & PJ
Tony & Heather rocked it at Table Tennis

Mia & Meg looking sportier than usual!
Sara & Mia
Sara, Meg & Jaime
Cdub, Meg & PJ

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