Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Texting with a 10 year old...

Just to keep you in the loop with what the kids are up to these days...I was texting with my super cute 10 year old, 2nd cousin this morning and it goes something like this...

Meg: Hi Jenna!!! Thanks for the cute comment on my blog! Are you still in San Diego? Love, Meg
Jenna: Thanks! and yeah we are, but just left for vegas! whatcha doing?
Meg: I am at work...eating a breakfast burrito with my friend Paige that works with me! can you teach me some hip texting lingo?
Jenna: Sure! idk i don't know, lol laugh out loud, gtg got to go, and tmi too much info! - yumm! mexican senorita!!! I'll ask Carter for some good ones! - btw by the way, k ok, ttyl talk to you later, l8er later, 4 four, 2 two!
Meg: I LOVE it!
Jenna: Why thank you senorita! can you receive picture mail?
Meg: I certainly can!
Jenna: Cause ur about 2!
Jenna: The amazing acrobat (She sent a video of her on a trampoline)
Jenna: Did you get it?
Meg: WOW!!! That is super cool. Can I send videos too? is that your backyard?
Jenna: Yeah! I'm glad you like it.So I never got to ask you if you have any pets!
Meg: I have a Siamese cat anmed Penny (I attach a picture)
Jenna: Awwww! She is adorable! Give me an interview for fun!
Meg: An interview?
Jenna: Yeah! u know like ask questions about me for fun!
Meg: What is your middle name? when is your bday?
Jenna: Marine, 8.19.1997
Meg: Your bday is in a month & 3 days! Are you having a party?
Jenna: Yeah! A slumber party every year! with really good banana cake
Meg: Homemade banana cake? How many girls sleep over? what's your best friend's name? what town are you driving thru right now? do you like brussell sprouts?
Jenna: Abby, Barstow, Never tried 'em
Meg: Do you like Hannah Montana?
Jenna: Sure do!
Meg:What is the name of your school?
Jenna: 8 to 2:30
Meg: that's the name of your school?
Jenna: Oh k thought you meant hours! Monarch
Meg: Like the butterfly? what's your favorite food?
Jenna: uhhhh sure! I like burgers! Now i'll ask you some questions!
Meg: Bring it on
Jenna: What is your fav animal? hee hee!
Meg: Good question. hmmm...a giraffe!
Jenna: What other name would you love to have instead of megan?
Meg: Coco
Jenna: Nice! Wha's your fav color?
Meg: Orange and Navy Blue right now. What other name would you like to have?
Jenna: Paige or Kate! gtg sorry, my mom says hi!
Meg: ttyl!


LA DOG CO said...

OMG TISC ( that is so cute )... I want to text with 10 year olds!!!!

Anonymous said...

Jenna was just at my house this past week and she is definitely super cute with a sly sense of humor. And she has cool design sense too by the way. I think you should stay in touch...future intern.

Anonymous said...

Coco....that was fun reading...I told you they were the really "fun" relatives on my side of the family!

Jacqueline said...

That is great! Kids ROCK!

Unknown said...

wow...can't believe i just spent 2 minutes reading a text convo between you and your 10 year old cousin...i seriously need to get back to work