Sunday, July 13, 2008

School Dance

I was invited to a school dance last night. It's an annual party that the "Juno" producer & director throw. In order to be granted admittance, it is required that you wear your finest high school uniform attire! It was a hilarious night and party! Paige, Tristant & Hillary gathered at my house for pre-party festivities...we put the finishing touches on our thrift store ensembles...
Meg & Tristant - he was a P.E. Coach!!!
Paige & Meg - going for our best "Gossip Girls" look.
We thought it would be a hoot to take the bus ($1.25) to Hollywood & Highland, where the party was. We walked a few blocks and caught the first of 2 buses - smooth sailing! We got off at Fairfax & Olympic to transfer to the 2nd bus...45 minutes and tons of disgusting cat calls later, still NO BUS! We were starting to lose our motivation and basically our will to live, so we called a cab!
creepy coach checking out Paige at the bus stop!
Little B or B or little J, Waiting for the bus that never came...
Prep school Hillary, looking frightened as the P.E. teacher (with his clipboard, game plan & roster) waits next to her for the bus!
Tristant blowing his whistle to get us a cab (little does he know that later in the eve he would be hanging out with Slash and slapping butts while saying, "Good Game!")
Hillary was NOT THRILLED at our mode of transportation!!!!
Alas, The Dance!!!
I have no idea who these people are, but the gal on the left was dressed as a lunch lady - pretty funny

Quintessential locker posing...
We rested our tired, bus stop feet for a bit while playing MASH and finger fortune (as Paige likes to call it)
What is this game really called??

Paige & Meg on the dance floor with the school mascot!
Paige at her locker creepy P.E. teacher breaking into Paige's locker
Paige, Tristant & Meg
P.E. teacher & student in LOVE at Mel's diner!


Danielle said...

That dance is so funny! All the little things like the lockers, MASH and finger fortune are so fun! I think it is finger fortune???

Danielle said...

BTW, who did you end up marrying and living in a Mansion, Apartment, Shack or House with?

Unknown said...

just to let everyone know the PE coach and I are going out on our second date tonight and plan to move in together rather soon!

Anonymous said...

LOVE MASH!!! So not true though- I didn't end up in a shack with 5 kids- thank God!! Still fun though

LA DOG CO said...


Brooke and Peter said...

That party is right up my alley and looks like SOOOO much fun. You all make great preppy highschoolers. Me and my friends played that finger fortune game too the other day... we couldn't remember the name either. i even tried googling it... would love to know if you find out.

SUMMER said...

This looked way more fun than my 80's party!!!

hub of the house said...

Is it really called finger fortune?? come on