Sunday, July 13, 2008

Mandi's Baby Shower

All the girls got together this afternoon to shower Mandi and her baby boy, Cody Collins, with love & gifts! Mandi is due September 5th. The shower was on the roof of Alli's parent's house in Hermosa Beach - the decor was simply adorable. Baby Collins seemed to make out like a bandit!
Mandi & Meg
Jen, Meg, Mandi, Mia, Kelly, Alli, Sara, Paige & Lindsay

Jen & Meg


Danielle said...

Wish I could have parties on the roof of my house:)

Anonymous said...

Danielle- let's make it happen----for your baby shower maybe??

Looks like a FUN party--- and you look fab as usual.

Anonymous said...

You should syndicate your blog. It's so entertaining.

Anonymous said...

Wish I could have joined Mandi's shower. Miss you girls and see you soon! Very cute shower. Everyone looks lovely as usual.

SUMMER said...

Talk to me about your leopard number... from where please???