Friday, June 27, 2008

Beau & Kim are married!

The PREP! - a fella with crazy blue fish scales painted on his face did my make-up at the Saks MAC counter...I was frightened at first, but I think he did a great job convincing ME of all people, that nude lipstick was the way to go!

The Taylors before the ceremony (Beau was pacing and doing jumping jacks and a run in place technique!)
Beau with Beau & Kim in his pocket

Dad & Meg ($5 NYC street vendor earrings)
Kimberly Johnson right before she became Kimberly Taylor...
Kim and her bridesmaids (all really sweet great girls)
My Mom & Dad greeting guests before the ceremony
CEREMONY - The wedding was @ Resonance Mansion in downtown Tulsa officiated by Reverend Davis...
Beau & Kim Taylor!
The beautiful Kim & Meg
Bridal Party
Waiting for the photographer to start "family pictures"
Baby Taylor
Dad, Meg & Beau
My NEW sister-in-law!
Dad & Uncle Pete
remember my fiance?

Kim, Beau & Meg TAYLOR
Meg with cousin Max (looking tough)

The farewell to the happy couple! They are off to the Caribbean on Friday!


SUMMER said...

The wedding looked AMAZING! I LOVE the cupcakes! And you look HOT and the bride is STUNNING!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE weddings! AND I LOVE your earrings-

LA DOG CO said...

Yay! You did the faux-hawk hair that I love!!! You looked adorable!

LA DOG CO said...

I'm glad mama taylor found a dress cuz she looked KAZAAAAMIN' in it! WOOOO HOOO who's the hot mama!!!! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Uncle Pete looks so killer.