Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Up Town

Tuesday morning (the rainy day of the premiere), Mia and I wanted to take it easy and leave plenty of afternoon time to rest up and get ready for for our fancy affair. We took a nice long HOT walk in Central Park on our way to our favorite upper east side bagel shop, H & H. As we strolled, my sweat helped my red eel skin clutch slowly bleed all over my hands and shirt. We rode the carousel, saw a few rats, ate our bagels on a random stoop, loaded up on Perrier & liquid eyeliner and headed back to our hotel. I was constantly calling downstairs to have a bucket of ice sent up (they delivered so many buckets as it seems I have an affinity for ice) - Mia and I put wash cloths in ice and then on our eyes and attempted to meditate, but really we just napped before our CRAZY evening.

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