Saturday, May 10, 2008

Meg Mia & Shayna in Venice

We began at The Other Room & then fled with our new pals, Russ & Harry, to Rooster Fish (the Abbott Kinney gay bar)- Big Moments: Your skin is so soft, Johnny's break up, moisturizing is important, Portland cul-de-sacs, hello Randy, why do we always get the good spot?, Rev. Wright action, Mia needs to lay low on my blog, your ring blinded me, want my jacket?, are you 21?, Is it a holiday weekend?, get to the point when texting, sorry for not saving you from Chucho!, you'll love the olive green bathroom, check out the ceiling (wow), astroturf walls, "meg will go out and 2 days later will tell you she had strep throat", Are you wearing your robe?, he's just not that into you, Venice high school, it's not like you're fat & ugly, broken corks, refrigerator fixing, did I mention I have a blog?, hair obsession, Culver City wine credit cards, cousins, Denmark, This is my wife & her cousins, do gay guys really play pool?, It's not too late to invite someone to a wedding in late June, don't jinx yourself by wearing a fake stomach for babies & dogs, Shayna's shoes are hot - hello fabulousness!


Danielle said...

where are the pics from the bathroom ceiling?

hub of the house said...


Unknown said...

what a cute fun outfit!