Monday, May 12, 2008

I am very excitable!

I must candidly admit to you that the following excites me:
LEROY - Paige’s new puppy, my bizarre ballerina/cowboy ensemble today, having a curling iron on hand for that 'once in a blue moon' moment that I want curly hair, Sunday paper/ coffee combo, lime green binders, brand new make-up, my Mom’s trip to LA for my birthday!, mattress shopping (which begins tonight), old fashioned calling cards, seeing PJ on television last night- it was like we were hanging out (only with the addition of football players & strippers), forever postage stamps, my b-day invitations (you will be excited too!), two way mirror (my new discovery- really cool looking), Brazilian food, being Presley & Nixon’s nanny for the day while B & D are in Hawaii, Beau & Kim’s baby names excite me!, Boars Head cracked pepper turkey, NYC in less than 2 weeks with Mia, configuring the most brilliant outfit for the Sex & the City premiere, seeing The Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players on Friday @ El Cid (you should come), my Mom’s mean reaction to my Mother’s Day gift (wait! This didn’t excite me – sorry Mom!), all things shiny, knowing I can make a pillow if I so please, the arrival of my cardboard deer head, every Farrow & Ball paint color excites me, my life, spring flowers, rain, my new home recycling regimen, burlap in moderation, neon post-its, thoughts of deep fried taco night, baby green hydrangea, peeling back layers, red potatoes and the best modern wooden fence on Griffith Park Blvd. excites me!

I just learned and wanted to share with you that soccer is the new black!


We are the Harty's said...

thanks for sharing the dorkiness about soccer. This phrase was concepted after a few cocktails.

Anonymous said...

I'll look for my invite!!

Anonymous said...

Make sure to send a birthday invite to Singapore. I may just make it. :)

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness you did not get rid of the YMCA lockers. Those are awesome.