Sunday, April 6, 2008

Beau & Kim's Engagement Party

The reason for my Tulsa trip was to attend Beau & Kim's engagement party!!
My parents threw the bash and we were very excited to meet our new family! My Mom and I ran around like mad on Saturday & Sunday morning prepping for the Sunday afternoon affair - SATURDAY: lunch with my mom, dad & Beau at Stone Horse followed by grocery shopping, a trip to the party supply store, the purchasing of cases of champagne, furniture rearranging, plastic engagement ring searching to adorn the cupcakes, we made a few appetizers ahead of time, arranged flowers and managed to fit in 5 thrift stores (cool boots, emerald green snakeskin pumps, a black clutch, a little boys bomber jacket with patches & 2 belts) as well as a manicure/ pedicure! After dinner I went over to Kim & Beau's to hang out for a bit & read 'What To Expect When You're Expecting'! SUNDAY: We got ready for the party all day and at 3pm, 40 friends and family members started pouring in for the soiree. We loved the chance to meet Kim's entire family- I think everyone got along smashingly!

My Mom's new Mini Cooper!

Lunch at Stone Horse
My Mom & My Mom

Kim & her Mom
Kimberly & Meg
Dad & Beau
Beau & Kim's pals
Beau & Kim's Mom, Gina Beau & Meg
Kim & Beau & their friend's 3 week old baby - they look so natural!


LA DOG CO said...

Kim and Beau look soooooo happy! I am totally psyched for them. :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats Meg! I have actually been reading that same book these last few weeks!

SUMMER said...

Cute cute family! And the trip looked super fun!

LA DOG CO said...


Anonymous said...

The party could not have been the success it was without you Megan! Thank you so much!

Brooke and Peter said...

awwwww.... so much fun! congrats to the whole taylor clan... fun times ahead for sure!

Anonymous said...
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Unknown said...

and what exactly is the 'mother to be' drinking?!