Monday, March 3, 2008

Google This!

Sarah and I combed the streets of Hancock Park in search of a HOT Saturday night party. After a few failed attempts we stumbled upon a large house full of familiar faces (for Sarah, not me) - It was a Current Party! - What is this, you ask? It's a party filled with a lot of people that all work together @ Google Current! Well, it was Brett's birthday. He is another year older and frankly seemed wiser already. I met some lovely people and sprayed club soda all over the butler's pantry (Sarah & I covered it up pretty well). WHAT WE LEARNED: behavioral and career path differences when siblings are given cheerios in different ways, who is the best realtor in town, Sergio should head to NYC ASAP, track suits are now party attire, the best secretary is a dowdy one, Steve eats a lot of cake, half of these coworkers have never even met, hair is dead, no one likes cats, the red lion would be expecting most of our party, It's hard to small talk Santa Barabara, what it's like to bobsled seriously, people love to assist a blogger, Runyon Cyn is still a nice place to take out of town guests - and so much more I should just keep to myself. Hope y'all (blatant missing of Paige word) get to attend a Google Current party before they all quit!


Anonymous said...

someone got a new outfit?!

SUMMER said...

Cute outfit. I especially LOVE the cleave coming out of the 3rd picture... something I will NEVER have! Sigh... I am so jealous. Beautiful!

hub of the house said...

these old rags? please!