Monday, February 25, 2008

Yet another chance to be called Aunt TAY TAY by little children!!!

I am EXCITED to announce that the Garlock family will be expanding in late August! Can you think of anything better? - Garlock children are notoriously good looking and are often known to be FORD models! Danielle is 3 months pregnant and the doctor says the baby looks healthy and there is an 80% chance that it's a GIRL! - quick suggestion: middle name Meg?? Presley & Nixon are thrilled to have a little 80% sister/ 20% brother. I promise to stay in town for this birth, unlike births past!


Anonymous said...


SUMMER said...

Yeah- I am so excited for them. And for the record- Meg makes a fantastic middle name!!!

Danielle said...

Thanks for all the attention! I can't wait for you to be at the hospital spooning me ice chips during labor! And scoping out the placenta! Doesn't that sound like fun??