Thursday, December 6, 2007

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the HALF BIRTHDAYS of my life...

DECEMBER 7th (My half birthday) ....

1991 - 15 1/2!
"My Girl" - Jon Schwerdtfeger was there, cry because I love Jon, James Taylor tickets go on sale, Gretzky (cat) caught 2 bunnies, teen center dance, Jason kicked me - I wonder if he likes me?

1992 - 16 1/2!
10 days 'till Winter Break, mom drove to school, Chris & Christy broke up (who??), Hamlet NYC style in drama, Christmas shopping with dad at Topanga Mall

1993 - 17 1/2!
Got Christmas tree, off campus for lunch to Baja Fresh with Sarah & Danielle, Crucible study guide and journal, in trouble 'cause I had Mom's Amex - grounded from car, acting classes with Lois Budoff, physiology practical went alright - I think

1994 - 18 1/2!
Write to Euthanasia men (I do remember doing a debate on the topic), pick up resume, Citywalk with family, give out senior pictures, David cheated on Donna (90210)

1995 - 19 1/2!
Drove to Berkeley - Rough town, Went on the BART to San Francisco. Got dream jeans at Banana Republic (I love that I thought Berkeley was a rough town!)

1996 - 20 1/2!
UCSB finals are today - french, voice & movement. poem project with everyone, switch contacts

1997 - 21 1/2!
Sony - help on Foley stage, hit a car- scary gang guys, Chin Chin for dinner with Grandma & Dad, gnocchi = potato dumplings, slept on westside

1998 - 22 1/2!
Start working again - Casting Associate "Whoa, Jeez" by Larry Miller

1999 - 23 1/2!
Schaps' Lou Malnati pizza is delivered, Dad told me I have to pay for my own car insurance- sucks!, Christmas Ornament exchange at work, Dido @ El Rey Theatre with Mia

2000 - 24 1/2!
email to Mia....Dear Mia, I have no idea what to get Marc's family. I got Marc some cheese knives last night (he was embarrassed that we didn't have any at the party) - they are for his stocking! I got him a creme brulee set...the mix, bowls, and the iron to burn the sugar on the top - he loves cooking, loves creme brulee, so now he will have a little project. The map came - the 1960's school one - I stuck it in the closet and may sneak it out, wrap it and give it to Marc for Xmas. He still thinks it is lost in the mail. He will surely know what it is right away by the shape. Love, Meg
Goat Punishment is really Weezer

2001 - 25 1/2!
Last day casting "High School Reunion", broke up with Marc around midnight

2002 - 26 1/2!
Farewell to Grandma lunch with Paula, Aunt Jean, Uncle Jack, Aunt Irene & Uncle David (Gma moving to Tulsa). Pick up dry cleaning, post office, Sams for BEST bagel & cream soda, organize garage, pack, paint hammer & wicker stool, coffee bean, nap, will & grace

2003 - 27 1/2!
Little India with Mia - got greatest earrings ever, Got Beau & Max skull socks, Sent out Hello Kitty Christmas cards, Frank & Sara's wedding, once to Beverly Center & twice to the Grove

2004 - 28 1/2!
Joined Hollywood YMCA, Last UCLA elements of design class - teacher was obviously drunk, palermo pizza with Mia

2005 - 29 1/2!
Work on Frida Kahlo art project, coin star-ed change = $28.64, mom sent Gandhi envelopes, stopped in to see Nixon Garlock, Korean spa massage for 2 hours, watch drug addicts walk down Cahuenga Blvd, Chateau Marmont party with Mia (Interesting that I attend Chateau Marmont parties around this time of year)

2006 - Took day off work to attend Tori Spelling's garage sale - stood in 3 hour line with Mia, got shells she found on her honeymoon...WEIRD I KNOW


Janie Taylor said...

Happy Half Birthday Megan!
What a nice day to fly home to be with your Mom & Dad! Bring your mittens, it's very chilly here, we are expecting ice and sleet!
XOXO till we meet later...

Brooke and Peter said...

have fun in tulsa!!!! i hope you see my mom... that would cheer her up and please give my best to your fam... thinkin of you guys.... happy 1/2.