Thursday, December 13, 2007

jog faster (hee hee Mia)

How cool am I? – I got Nike + iPod! Now I will have feedback on how I'm running, while I'm running - hear my pace, time, distance and calories burned. The sensor in my shoe sends a signal to my iPod and will even select songs that fit my pace! I am super excited to get up and running!


Brooke and Peter said...

That is just crazy!!! I didn't know that existed. nowing my pacemy ipod would have me running to frank sinatra.

Anonymous said...

well lets just say i officially used it this morning for the first time and i was soooo suprised on how fast, how many calories and how far i went! go nike + ipod!!!! oh yah and the guy that talks to you sounds super cute!

Anonymous said...

Holy cow - why didn't anyone ever tell me about this? I always defer to Grace Lazenby from, but she doesn't tell me how many calories I've burned. But, she takes me on a hell of a run!