Monday, November 12, 2007

BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND...Like sands through the hourglass, so are the NOVEMBER 12ths of my life!

1991 – Bad day! Seventeen magazine arrived, mall with Joy, Kinta & Boyeon

1992 – Do I have strep throat?

1993 – 90/95 on my Mink dissection test, Smiley got cast off (our Scottish terrier), Sally Field on SNL, 1 year & 6 months anniversary of driving

1994 – “Pulp Fiction” with Jon, Getty museum, huge phone bill crisis- cry a lot! dad really mad! Work on UC essay

1995 – Painted nails Blue, rolled down a hill at the beach, saw “Jumanji” with Jon & Mr. Notaro, got first email address ever!

1996 – Take out 2 week contacts, mental break down over my drama meeting with Michael & Judith (they were my teachers)

1997 – Sony Pictures: Barbara Streisand on scoring stage, participate in loop group on the sound stage, Hamburger Hamlet with Mom, Dad & Jon, accidentally swallowed clear ball from tongue piercing (how gross is that?)

1998 – Too dorky to write!

1999 – Lunch at Bob’s Big Boy in Burbank with Danielle Bacon (I worked at Disney, she at Warner Bros), Coolers & Sangria with Hillary, Lauren, Jen, Johonna and Sara

2000 – ?

2001 – Watched the Barbie doll version of “The Karen Carpenter Story”, Interview with Scott St. John at Telepictures (start working with him next week)

2002 – Dad in town to put grandma’s house on the market. Westlake with Dad & Gma, visit Grandpa’s grave, Bauducco’s for lunch, See “Bowling for Columbine” – again

2003 – Danielle is 13 weeks pregnant! Fishnets are in again! Order winter gloves with rhinestones initials on them.

2004 – Hello Kitty’s 30th birthday party and dinner at la Poubelle with Mia

2005 – Lunch at Ed’s coffee shop (grilled cheese) with Mia, Clothing swap party at Jen’s.


Brooke and Peter said...

I love these posts!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow...your blogs are always fun to read...keep them coming!!!