Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Slight Scolding

I hate to be the purveyor of this scolding, BUT I need to express my disappointment with your behavior! Can't put anything past you?...HAAA! I can put everything past you! I have the wool pulled way over your eyes! Don't you question anything I say? Stand up! Speak out! Voice your opinions! Don't you guys have any questions or comments? A few items you should have questioned as nice Americans...

"Good Night Nancy Reagan!" - this cannot make sense to you!
Teaspoon down in Antigua - aren't you curious?

I am not at liberty to share these answers at this time, but don't tell me you didn't at least wonder? Be more inquisitive people - Is it too much to ask? I need this from you! Your commenting skills are poor, has anyone ever told you?



Anonymous said...

You are so entertaining and I promise to comment on each and every posting! Goodnight Ronald!

Brooke and Peter said...

the regan thing must be a taylor thing? i am not sure I dare ask, but every once in a while the readers need a good kick in the pants to remind them that they need to identify themselves every so often and not sit on the sidelines! glad to see janie is reading mine now too... yay!

Zetty said...

My sweet adorable girl, I love the way your mind deliciously teases us with fiction vs. reality . . . Of course, your fiction may be my reality, which of course would be much better than my reality being yours. That would be a devious wrong turn on your delightful and yes, even envious life path. You are a spectacular little lady . . . I love you! Mom #2