Friday, October 26, 2007

Edendale Grill with Mia & Shayna

It has been some time since I've seen fire eaters, men on stilts, ladies with mustaches & the photo booth out of order @ Edendale Grill - Luckily, Monday night I was treated to a healthy dose of all the above! Edendale Grill (one of my favorite haunts) held a 5 year anniversary party! This revamped firehouse launched their slightly disappointing new menu, which consisted of french fries, grilled sandwiches and macaroni & cheese- I love that I am a food critic all of a sudden! P.S. - How do we know the guy in the above picture? Is he an actor?


Brooke and Peter said...

Wanna trade lives for a week? I wish I could go to restaurant openings, red carpet parties and see psuedo famous people!!! Not much of that here in the stix. I think if you were in Livingston for a week it would never be the same.

Danielle said...

you look like you are in some underground prostitution establishment or conducting "thai massages"..."c'mon in gentleman!" and in comes the nervous married salesman!