Wednesday, September 16, 2015

holiday tradition

Jaime, Karen & I have a long standing tradition of brunching at Cecconi's on holidays!!! This labor day was no exception (except that Jaime is in Williamsburg & Cecconi's was CLOSED for remodeling- WHHHAAATTT!!???) - We made the most of it though - highlights include but are not limited to: Searching for a restaurant that was open (went to 4 different spots), face timing with PJ & Jaime, making HOT friday night plans for me, gossip, our new 17 year boyfriends that called us out for too many selfies, borrowed sunglasses, breakfast sandwiches & bloody mary's, a fabulous catch up session, richard simmons memories, Karen's hair is on fleek, tears of joy, the churchill forgot to charge us for everything we ordered and our new plan to never eat food again!!!!!

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