Sunday, June 14, 2015

M,M & M Take The Parker Palm Springs By Storm!!!!!

Melissa, Merissa & I had the most wonderful whirlwind palm springs weekend! Highlights include but are not limited to: room 38, 106 degree weather, being fancy, annenberg gossip, $20 lemonades, snuggling in the king bed, pineapples & coconuts thanks to our admirers, the best breakfast quesadillas @ norma's, teaching melissa about mexican food, vintage furniture shopping, the city of banning with melissa banning, the gorgeous parker grounds, jonathan adler could be still relevant to our kids, tacos poolside, slow walking, no gummy bears, all the men of westlake village, prosseco dreams, claremore is a cute town, the grossest silk jumper ever, no hair washing, melissa's video project, sunning, tina, the weirdest uber driver, tightly packing in the fiat, fiesta planning, guessing girlfriends, pinky swearing, splash water rave avoidance, being possessed in photos, those super sluts @ the tonga hut, dancing in the spa, rabbit & toad sightings, taking in all the details as only three designers would, the oooh lala lemonade stand, merissa = our mom, late night hammocking, las casuelas, road tripping, korakia pensione field trip, the grossest thrift store imaginable, those creepy dinosaurs and living it up big time!!!!!!

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