Tuesday, March 17, 2015

My very own LA MARATHON!

Melissa & Sweeni killed the marathon!!! I on the other hand was a wreak! I cried because I wasn't running even though I knew it wasn't for me & I was too injured to run,  I cried when I saw the runners & anyone in my team's jersey, I cried when I saw Sweeni, I cried at all the runners who knew people holding awesome signs on the corner I was standing & how happy they were to see each other, (kinda like at the airport), I cried every time I got a tracking text update from the LA Marathon of Melissa's progress (my homegirl) & I cried when Melissa met me (her personal road crew) on my street corner (the half way point, which is as far as I made it in my running career) where I loaded her fanny pack with goos, offered ice & cheered her like it was going out of style & I cried as I walked back to my apartment reeling in the crazy emotions I had just experienced - and all before 9:30am!!!!
After all that crying, I went to the CREAM EVENT- no crying there....

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