Tuesday, September 9, 2014

RIP DorisMae Beecham Watts

May 8, 1920 - August 16, 2014. My grandma will be greatly missed & always be in our hearts! My brother & I misspelled Granny on a big sign welcoming her to California & because it was so funny/ perfect, she instantly became Garnny (later hipped up to Garnie). Always ahead of her time,very theatrical- starring in countless local plays, could care less what other's thought about her, jingle writer, one of a kind in every way, a garage sale lover, Watt's Wig Way owner (she traded wigs for turquoise jewelry in Albuquerque, New Mexico & thus my mom & I have a beautiful collection), became a very successful realtor late in life, liked to scare me by taking her dentures out, girddle wearer & just plain cool lady!!!!! xoxoxox Garnie.

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