Monday, September 29, 2014


I've got the stress, paper thin flannels, hysterical laughing, the good omen blue bird, green mint oreos, facetiming with Lauren, GUESS who makes my boots, creek runner's lodge- is it for runners?, bear sling shots for marshmallows, bow & arrow & bebe gun searching, pontooning on the coldest day ever, salty dogs, escape skiis, Tammy the only cabbie in town, yogurt dip is all the rage, mango basil cocktails in mason jars, no showering, coronita margaritas are the worst drink ever ever ever, my best friend that lives in Egypt, candy, no one has teeth, jammy packing, spooky downstairs bedroom, pyramids, future arrow tattoos, finders keepers, flower crowns, Gloria st, wipes that smell like Hawaii, diy sage feather, 91 to the 405 to the 303 to the 105 to the 605, sketchy jacuzzi turner on-ers, Denise, taboo, fresca central, Redlands is an adorable town with cute craftsman houses, alli's sweet treats, Lindsay's first top knot, that time Lindsay french braided my hair & I looked like snoop dogg, Chico state people, everything is $20, Dane & Drew, we miss Lauren, turkey chili thanks to Tome and dinner @ the most abandoned & worst mexican restaurant ever!

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