Friday, June 13, 2014

clare vivier sample sale!

Like any gal who wakes up to find she is now THIRTY EIGHT, I celebrated my birthday @ the clare v sample sale! I waited in the longest, silverlake line ever (even after all my pals flaked - thanks for nothing!), hoarded a ton of bags right off the bat, sifted through the damaged/ already monogrammed bags, ran into missy, edited my hoarder pile & came out a happy birthday winner!
TADA! Meet my very own Clave V monogram WITH MY INITIALS clutch!!!!! Standing in line for an hour & rummaging through boxes of unclaimed monogram bags really paid off!
Icy birthday manicure & new monogram clutch!
Found a bachelorette party purse for Paige (given name: Mary Paige)!
Katie Holmes is super excited to be my Clare V clutch  twin!
Looks like I got the deal of the century! $31 per clutch - instead of $195 + $50 for monogramming!

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