Monday, April 14, 2014

get yourself up to speed!

happy passover, pineapples are having a moment, I'm a concrete tile expert, in less than a month I'll be living it up @ the viceroy palm springs, is it en vogue or in vogue - please explain, walter ate a million dog bone treats in the middle of the night & was making weird noises when I left the house this morning- I hope he's still alive when I return, is this cursive font hard to read?, unlike normal people it cost me $893 for my dmv registration, the garlocks are on a fun spring break roadtrip (8 days, 7 hotels, 5 states, 2 ballparks & one awkward dinner in denver), kim's pregnant & I'm hosting a baby brunch in her honor, I'll be in tulsa for the 4th of july if you'd like to join me (my parents are renting a bus to bring their friends over for penthouse fireworks), my coworkers & I watch this osprey nest non stop, I'm doing well sending a card a day, stop & smell the roses and please paint your nails lilac!

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