Wednesday, February 19, 2014

ford is 4 & he's having a super hero birthday party!!!!

Danielle & I spent 12 glorious hours prepping for Ford's super hero birthday party yesterday! highlights include, but are not limited to: pow! wham! boom! thwirp! bam! pop! & zap! signage, danielle's a glue gun pro, too many garlands to count, comic book searching, party city, popcorn boxes, water bottle disguising, g money, the perfect 16 foot tablecloth, cutting 250 pages of fun, mini metropolis constructing, spray painting, chalking faux windows, target for 2 hours, mooshka dolls are way cute, valentine adornments @ 70% off stock up, mobile michaels coupons, in-n-out french fries to cure the excedrin burn in my stomach, home goods, cost plus, avengers, table mock ups, to balloon or not to balloon?, lice vs. fleas, cheese puffs vs. cuties, toothpick search, glass dome serious search and 20 personalized capes!!!!!

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