Friday, November 8, 2013

I'm in Tulsa if you need me!!!!

I arrived safely in Tulsa & get to be with my parents until Monday! I know it's a little JBK, but I feel so blessed. To quote JBK when answering the phone, "I'm too blessed to be stressed". hee hee.

@ LAX Wednesday morning I ran into Carolyn (Lauren's fabulous mom who I love so much)! She pulled amazing strings only she could pull & escorted me onto the plane before anyone else. I still smell like her yummy perfume from all her hugs & kisses. It was a happy morning!

Yesterday we lunched with aunt kathie @ stone horse & dined with dillan, kim & richard @ dalesandros! I loved lavishing dillan with auntie meg love & gave her a limited edition ballerina barbie that I won @ richard simmons, which looks just like her! I've been sending dillan biweekly cards in the mail counting down my arrival & was lucky to get some pretty artwork in the mail from her! I love getting real mail!
Speaking of real mail, KINDRED (the event company known for creating "experiences" like Spin the Wheel dancing Ryan Goslings, faux engagement rings & confetti insta party @ the cream event), posted on Instagram that they'll send something fun to anyone who leaves their address in the comment section. It will be of no surprise that yours truly went along with this excitement & just received this in the mail! Yay!!!!!!
Other Tulsa activities include, but are not limited to: helping my parents unpack & decorate their new loft downtown, shopping, a trip to the dermatologist to be lasered, Utica square, shopping, hugging my parents often, thrifting, breakfast with all my parents pals, afternoons with dillan, shopping, more eating, coffee runs, meeting my parents doorman, waving when we drive by the super cute house they just sold, shopping, gorgeous views of the city from the 9th floor, perhaps an amber valleta sighting, shopping, meowing with chickie baby the Siamese cat and missing Walter!!!!

I brought a 2nd suitcase in case the shopping portion of the trip goes well!

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