Sunday, September 8, 2013

highlights from this weekend's girls trip to palm desert include, but are not limited to:

would you like it if Heidi Klum was your mom, Michael buble is a cheater, Paige's photos we didn't want to see,  dancing with the elderly, wedges @ the nest, "I'm bringing a giant pretzel", walker's crawling, happy birthday Lola, baby names for Lindsay, bruschetta, Cosby show- Vanessa's hair, that's so raven, bed bugs, the shower pressure rips body parts off,  shopping spree, Brazilian film festival ensembles, get drunk & yell at people, strawberry water doesn't taste like cough syrup, date shakes, cockroach explosion, vintage Hermes scarves & Dior hat modeling,  Paige was only on the phone once,  hot hot hot, cute hello my name is cups, dog crating, "I don't use neutrogena", twerking with Miley, clubbing with whores, constant beep beep, non stop eating, dirty dirty martinis, the perfect rhinestone bracelet, 20 pounds of chicken, we're all $21 poorer thanks to Mia, corgie napkins, paige halting my shower to show me her shoes, chunky heels, heat warming Paige's seat, diving onto orca, alli & lindsay getting lost in the sweltering heat, 32 missed calls from Lauren, goody bags full of limes, cruising the denali, coffee bean vs. starbucks, kate spade is too conservative for Lauren, Cards Against Humanity, locking paige out, desperate to talk to Chloe, watermelon 2 ways and so much more!!!!!!!!!!!

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