Tuesday, September 3, 2013

good things come to those who wait!

steve & jane update: as I'm sure you know (because I yell it from the rooftops), my parents have sold their house in tulsa, oklahoma & are moving back to los angeles (eventually)!!!! they close escrow on september 15th (30 day escrow) & have decided life is moving a wee bit too fast & my dad isn't 100% comfortable leaving his super successful business because he hasn't found the perfect right hand man to help him run it from afar. still in forward motion & now "liquid", they've rented a really cool urban penthouse with a doorman, room service & a 360 degree view of the city in downtown tulsa (they are so hip). the goal is to find the right sidekick to run the biz & in the meanwhile, they plan to rent a house in my neck of the woods for the month of november & february, so I'll still be seeing them more than usual!

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