Friday, August 16, 2013

meet DALE!

DALE, the Dynamic Augmented Living Environment, welcomes the Solar Decathlon 2013 to sunny Southern California! Inspired by the region’s wonderful climate, dramatic geography, and adventurous lifestyle, SCI-Arc/Caltech’s net-zero, rail-mounted active dwelling system carries the architectural tradition of the adobe, bungalow, and Case Study Houses into the twenty-first century. With its flexible interior and mobile exterior, DALE sits lightly while allowing the homeowner to live freely. Our net-zero, solar-powered house is comprised of two prefab modules that run on a rail system, making it a home that is as active as the people who reside in it. DALE brings the outdoors in - literally! - and offers the inhabitants as many configurations as they can imagine. DALE's two modules work as well in unison as they do individually. While the modules can come together for conditioning and security purposes, they are designed to multiply the home's livable square footage and take advantage of Southern California's sublime climate. An endless variety of module and canopy configurations optimize the usage of space and give the homeowner incredible flexibility. DALE redefines the relationship between the indoors and the outdoors so that the inhabitants are more aware how they interact with their home and how their home interacts with the environment.

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