Friday, June 14, 2013


my parents just put their house on the market & they're moving back to california! yay! yay! yay!!!! mia & shayna & I are celebrating my birthday next week at superba (venice hot spot)! yay! meatballs & oysters @ dominicks with paige & melissa last night was perfect! I'm almost done with my birthday thank you notes - thank you everyone for the outpouring of love! sara's coming down from SF for an LA visit in july! I had the best time in palm springs last weekend celebrating my birthday! yay! the osprey's I watch are approaching the fledging stage - get ready! how could you not "yay" that? DIEM creative council was a hit at cecconis! I designed a solid brass wall hung vanity this week for a client! I'm playing words with friends again! our new pillows are ready for pick up! I can't wait for melissa's westside bachelorette party this sunday (hosted by paige & myself)! yay! yay!

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