Tuesday, June 4, 2013

my parents are selling their house!!!

PLEASE READ THIS! It's a great example of how magical my Mom is!!!

The Realtors asked my Mom to write some thoughts/ memories/ history about their house. They replied that this was the BEST letter they'd ever received from a SELLER & they'd like to use it on their website & in brochures long after my parents have moved!!! This is what she wrote:

 Dear John & Jack, It was quite a pleasure meeting you both yesterday. Stephen and I are very excited that you will be handling the sell of our home. I spent the rest of the day contemplating all the pleasures of living here, and here are some thoughts.......

We have lived here 11 years and have enjoyed every single day. The sun shines into the front of the house in the mornings, filtered by the mighty oak out front! I love to say we live in the red cape cod house with the eggplant purple door! Coming into a home through a arched doorway is comforting. The house is always full of light because of the placement of the windows. Our beloved street & neighborhood can boast the diverse architectural styles it represents, but their is nothing as "charming" as a cape cod cottage to truly feel at home! All the homes were constructed around the 1920's, ours in 1926! When people say they don't make homes like they did in the old days ... They are talking about this home. It's incredibly sturdy with it's sound plaster walls. Our home is flanked on the south by a stunning 3 story spruce, on the north by a magnificent pecan tree (which at one point was host to a playful treehouse)! A oak in front, an oak in back & lots of rose bushes & other gardening delights. Sitting out back on our secluded wooden deck can be zen like! It's a good idea to have a bird watching manual near by to identify the variety of birds that seem to migrate literally through our neighborhood! I often wonder if they are on their way to Woodward Park? The expansive grounds of Philbrook? The beautiful rose gardens at the garden center? Maybe a stop over at Swan Lake? All of which are a five minute walk from our front door! During the daytime hours you can hear the bells tolling every hour from the bell towers of Fashionable Utica Square & Monte Cassino! You know how the square plays various tunes with their bells .... I often find myself humming along:) We rarely step out front without seeing someone strolling along or jogging by, you see, we have those old fashion side walks! The neighbors are like extended family because people don't move away unless they are leaving Tulsa. Every single family on our street would literally give you the shirt off their back! Our little stretch of South St Louis is quite famous for our neighborhood potlucks! We block off the street & set up tables in the street and everyone brings the greatest food! Unfortunately the President of Budweiser moved away a few years ago BUT fortunately the chef & owner of Stone Horse Cafe moved in right next door! If the electricity goes out, our neighborhood is the first to have it turned back on. Probably because of our proximity to St Johns & Fashionable Utica Square & the fact that the mayor could possibly live on the next street over? I'm proud to say we are a well educated street, many lawyers, business owners, doctors and most importantly, a group of helping hands! You will not find any rental homes around here! Our neighborhood watch group is one of the best in the city & our neighborhood is pretty much crime free! Every few months the ladies of South St Louis Ave can be found gathered around a table at Stone Horse for a get together luncheon! Some times I call it a Leave It To Beaver street, but then I remember that Jerry Mathers (the Beaver) literally tried to drown Stephen when they were children at a swimming party! So, enough about the accolades of living in the 2200 block of S.St Louis...... Living inside this particular house is easy! 3 bedrooms up with a full bath with two sinks on one side of the house & on the other side a downstairs stunning master suite & bath with vaulted ceiling ... that comes with it's own unique story! When I tell you that most nights I dream of delicious pastries & cakes & I have sugar plums dancing in my head.... it's true, because our bedroom was once a pastry chef's kitchen! All the bedrooms have plentiful storage & closet space with lots of old fashion windows ensconced with plantation shutters. The hardwood floors are original and the master suite is the only carpeted area. The sun room is tranquil place to sip your morning coffee or tea and read the newspaper or hand pen a letter to someone you love. Crowned molding and arched entries into every room are quite soothing as you breeze from front to back! The breakfast nook & utility room with a garden window is large with amazing storage! Doing the laundry? You won't have to go down into the basement, the washer & dryer are hidden behind custom made cabinets! Ceiling fans in every room, an attic fan for those sweet spring & autumn days! A quaint black pot belly fireplace stove provides warmth on those nippy winter days! There is a nice built in book shelf for your non kindle books and your precious knick knacks. What more? It's been a true pleasure living here and I hope you can find a special family to take over.....

P.S. Two highlights I forgot to mention ...walking up to the square for Summer's Fifth Night concerts every Thursday evening during the summer & the walk to the square on Thanksgiving evening to see the famous "Lights On" ceremony & caroling! Oh, and a third one ... Christmas Eve! Don't be surprised when all the neighbors knock on your door with homemade goodies! Roasted chestnuts, cookies etc.... I always do a coffee cake!

 Sincerely, Janie Taylor

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