Thursday, May 23, 2013

london calling!

steve & jane have been enjoying england for one week now, updating me through very sporadic emails, instagram & facebook posts (I've hung on to every word)...
"Then we hopped on a tourist bus & got on top front row seats by ourselves ...the entire 3 hour was wonderful & it really refreshed us... No one else was on the bus... It was special! Came back to our room (lovely hotel) with French or Italian sandwiches.... Fresh tomatoes & mozzarella cheese & portabello mushroom!   We slept well Friday night!  We got up on Sat & took the tube to the famous Portebello Market in Nottingham !! Then caught a bus & went to Harrads! Had lunch in their tea room... Very cool!  We caught our bus tour & took a boat ride on the river Thames next to the Tower of London.... Came back to St James Park area and sat out side at a cool pub called The Feathers!  When we got back to our hotel St Ermins.... We ordered a pizza..... I finally went to bed but dad stayed up all night watching the Kings on his iPad....   Which of course caused him to be a bit of a zombie today!  We took the tube to St. Paul's cathedral & had my first cheeseburger in London .... Great!  Loved St. Paul's !!!! Bought my first rosary! Starbucks on every corner but they so are confused about Ice tea!  But the one around the corner has already caught on to my request !  Got to be at St Paul's when the bells were ringing today and that was truly joyous!  The weather is so perfect .... Yesterday I wore my mink vest & had on my fur beret .... AND... There was a huge full blown protest about Harrods selling fur... It was scary & I ducked into a cranny & stuffed my stuff into my purse!.... I was even worried about wearing my lavender boots!  We are thinking about taking the train to Bath tomorrow .... 2000 years old!  I love you meg!  Dad is kinda getting into UK football. (Soccer). I can only do this from my hotel....communicate.... In the eve!  Hope all is well .... You are our sweetheart. It was so weird sitting in our favorite pub & watching on a Telly coverage of the tornadoes in Oklahoma ! London is so hip & cool... Did you know mad king George was the last king of the USA?  We are headed to the British Museum & then hanging out in soho. The only bad food we have had was on the plane!  Had tea at Harrods!  Love you...."
my parental withdrawal is serious business! when they're stateside, not a day goes by that I don't chit chat with these lovely people via our mobiles! while they were waiting for the tube in brighton beach this afternoon (first thing this morning for me) they called to give me a quick update on all the fun they're having! these two are having the time of their lives! I can't wait for sunday (when they get back) to hear the play by play of their entire trip!

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