Monday, May 13, 2013

hard hitting news!

In other hard hitting news (hee hee), my parents are off to London on Thursday (same day my niece Charlie turns one), Shayna scored the art she's been pinning, I'm hitting up a silverlake wine/ heirloom la tasting this eve, Walter spoiled me on mother's day, I finally read Domino Mag's small spaces issue, girl's palm springs trip is on the calendar- september 7th (so long from today), Lauren & I are addicted to watching live cam of an Osprey nest in alabama CLICK HERE!, wear a mask if you steel wool in your yard, my birthday is almost here (june 7th), catherine & chris are getting married (they're not sure if their mexico wedding was legit) in new orleans this weekend, Danielle's in charlotte, nc - how fun!, Presley determined teen vogue is too adult for her (I heart her for telling me that), I'm kinda anti capital letters on my blog but I'm constantly going back & forth in an uncomfortable way, Jaime has a banana sized 20 week old baby in her belly and Mia's garage sale party is this Saturday- look alive!

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