Monday, April 15, 2013

8 out of 10 on the richter scale!!!

after an action packed morning at the ucla venice dental center (glorified homeless shelter meets super fancy ladies (not many) meets screaming kids meets dental residents meets their teachers), I left with little more info than when I entered three hours earlier. I told them my tooth pain is an 8 out of 10, but every test they did showed my teeth were pretty strong & in good shape. There was a cold test, a tapping test, a poke your gums test, an air test - you get the idea! my dentist (youngster doing his residency) was sweet & in my opinion, he's on the road to a fantastic dental career. ok, back to the pain. the x-ray was inconclusive. It's possible that I need a root canal on #14 & it's equally possible that I have a severe sinus infection. I've been prescribed antibiotics & if in seven days I'm not better then I'm root canal bound! wish me luck & to one day have insurance!!!! stay tuned.

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