Friday, March 22, 2013

four days no blog posts!!!

Omg! please forgive my lack of posts. It's been a CRAZY week. Highlights include, but aren't limited to: lots of richard simmons (I'm a member, parker posey, shayna, richard's 4 favorite restaurants, downtown julie brown, winning the geronimo balloon contest, sore tailbone, dancing to his terrible original songs),  I was almost fired, girl's night @ sotto,  I'm banned from talking to melissa & paige, salmon/ avocado louis, lots of texting with sweeni, plotting & planning, paige's serious pep talk over dinner on main street, running into avery the biker, how cute are fiats? mac lipgloss shortage in LA, cauliflower soup, more sticker nails, Jenny & Tim's wedding is next Saturday and lots of quarters!

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