Saturday, March 2, 2013

brunch @ gjelina for Mia's birthday!

brunch highlights include, but are not limited to: fluorescent yellow tissue paper is our new favorite, the cute westchester vons with hardwood floors, blossom is ewww, eggs, talking down my blog, weight gain, roy's ice cream, savannah talk makes shayna sad, our mean waitress with her egg threats, no heat lamps or sugar alternatives, porridge, cooking bacon in the oven is the way to go, fairy tales, offending michelle williams, lauren sighting @ coffee bean, let's take dahlia to the movies, howard stern's hamburger testing, satine is satine, security system cold calls, pasadena ice cream is the best, no celeb sightings, gorgeous flowers, singing bbq sauce songs makes babies smile, I like in-n-out more than others, vicodin & 2 hours sleep works, goldielocks, marin, road trips, my parents, fancy spinning classes are where it's at, no goat cheese, soccer stars & husbands @ the next table, street parking mysteries, farmers market memory lane, marilyn manson, shayna's parents stay up later than any of us, architects, eloping, lindsay should start blogging again, big sur is dreamy, manly men, how do you know mia? and sprinklers!!!! happy birthday MIA!

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