Tuesday, February 26, 2013

kings vs. ducks with matthew perry!

highlights from the kings vs. ducks game include, but are not limited to: the ducks, the kings, some chippy moments, garlic fries with matthew perry, penalty box punishments, biscuit in the basket, no cell service (I was trying to text my dad pics- he enjoys when I attend sporting events), dustin penner (he plays hockey), the kings won, a bbq sauce mishap, ducks heckling, vip parking, goon, one eyed gypsy talk, yawns, lion hats, rotisserie vs. fantasy basketball, killing it for coke, male chest bumps to symbolize their happiness when the kings scored (bizarre behavior), original subway station under pierre's building, posing, zambonis galore, chuck vs. mike, making out in the coat closet and cement heads!

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