Friday, February 22, 2013

get yourself up to speed!

mia & gavin took in a marilyn manson concert last night, my parents are off to london in may, I had a mint IT'S-IT & was reminded of westlake high school, what's the difference between grey & gray? I'm all caught up on "girls", the kids department of ford modeling agency dissolved (what will presley do?), walter sends his regards, beyonce's documentary left me thinking she is so rad, hoping to go to the tasting kitchen tonight, I am pining for dior rouge #638 lipstick, our new le creuset saucepan arrived, I would like to be engaged within 45 days, I want pancakes for breakfast, danielle broke the sad news that there won't be a danielle/ alex/ joy birthday trifecta this year - could you just die?, lemonade is opening up on larchmont, "supermodels then & now" was fun to watch and mia & gavin's birthday is next wednesday - I'm so glad they were born!

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