Monday, January 14, 2013

elle mag doesn't do it for me, gavin's super clever name for facebook is bragbook, sara's bday is wednesday! hermosa beach girls night this thursday gives my week a little excitement, walter sends his regards, I wish I was going to nyc with danielle in the morning like the good ole days, the carrie diaries premieres tonight (prequel to sex & the city), divorce is so sad, I've almost sent out all my valentine party invitations! the cream event is march 10th (& I think my mom is flying out for it), our pal tim banning will be on modern family wednesday eve, I'm still trying to kick my month long cold, we're watching paige's pups (brewster & dixie) next week AND last but not least - a weird lady from the state of california is coming to my house tonight to interview me because I have been selected to be part of a mandatory study on alcohol (it sounds so fishy but I didn't know what else to do so I scheduled the appointment)!

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Anonymous said...

An iconic phrase of warning was heard in only one episode of Lost in Space, but later became a popular comment when someone wandered into possible trouble.."Danger, Will Robinson". (There is no California state study that requires a mandarory interview in a private residence).