Monday, January 14, 2013

back in the chinese food saddle again!

my parents & I had THE WORST chinese food experience of our lives when we were trying to be cool & buck the system on christmas! all the good places in town had two hour waits so we settled on a super disgusting spot in chinatown (we were deliriously hungry & had been driving for hours scoping out every chinese spot in LA). at dinner we swore off chinese food for the rest of our lives, we laughed hysterically, pushed our gray looking food around, were afraid to drink our water, warned each other about the disgusting restroom, my mom went into the fish tank room & came back with a look of horror, gave very unsure looks, tried to communicate with our server & wished upon a star that in-n-out was open. It has taken a couple weeks, but over the weekend, I fell off the wagon & had really yummy chinese food. finally the gaggy taste of hop li is out of our mouths (but our server with the "good luck" mile-long gelled thick hairs protruding from his cheek mole will never leave our minds)!!!!
this chow fun with shrimp made us enjoy chinese again!

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