Tuesday, December 18, 2012

lobster fest 2012 @ our house!!!!

at some point during our drive home from san diego, a brilliant plan to have lobster for dinner was hatched! once the idea was dancing in our heads, there was no turning back. problem: we don't own a large stock pot. Could this be the time to pull the trigger on the orange le creuset one we'd been pining for?? YES! we called every sur la table & williams sonoma in the land with no luck & ultimately located the 12 quart stock pot on super sale at the le creuset outlet store in camarillo! after this minor detail was situated, it was off to santa monica seafood!

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Anonymous said...

The photos of Megan (and the doomed arthropods) refect the honest empathy we all feel when we play with something before we eat it. I used to go lobster trapping years ago. We called them "bugs", for along with roaches they also have an exoskeleton, antennas, and scavenge for survival...kind of a District 9 underwater. We were always delighted to pull up the ones with the bands around their claws!!