Tuesday, December 4, 2012

get yourself up to speed!

I can’t wait for les miserable to be in a movie theater near me (my parents went without me to les mis & phantom of the opera - can you tell I still hold a grudge?), too bad I don’t have health insurance, I’m currently obsessed with 103.5 fm holiday music & lime perrier in small cans, the ban.do pop up cart at the grove is cool, manhattan beach pier fireworks are sunday night – who wants to go with me?, lately I’ve been getting my morning espresso on ice at whole foods, did you see “ethel” on hbo? – I enjoyed it!, thank you lindsay for throwing a girls holiday party (I am so looking forward to it), los angeles is so festive right now!, tried fritzi dog (it's new) at the original farmers market AND I have a mani pedi date with mia & shayna this weekend

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Anonymous said...

I went to sleep last night and somehow dreamed ..a dream..gone by. I found myself singing this lyric in the morning... (to the melody of "Do you hear the people sing?" Les Mis). Do you find yourself alone, facing the fear of rare disease? And it wakes you up at night, all sweat soaked and ill at ease.When the beating of your heart, leaves you with a frightful scare, just wait another year for Obamacare... I forget the rest right now, my mind is fuzzy with images of Walter on a barricade waving a Scottish flag.