Friday, November 2, 2012

oh what a night!

sara was down from san francisco last weekend! mia, shayna, sara & I were lucky enough to have a monday night dinner/ hard hitting catch up session! highlights include, but are not limited to: declan's cuteness, dahlia's play-doh/coin creations, yummy salads from lemonade, no takers on leftovers of sara's awful lunch, shayna's biological clock, sauna-ing, sara's biological clock, sister's good looks, blankets to be used on the side of the road, my biological clock, remodeling, mortgages, mia's biological clock isn't ticking because she has 2 kids, sf sublets, tahoe, food staging for instagram, chocolates courtesy of sara, jason's sweet grandma's passing, gavin likes quinoa, shayna & jason's gorgeous wedding photos, solo champagne toasts & bags of old clothes with my name on them!

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