Tuesday, November 6, 2012

the clippers had a happy halloween!

clippers vs. grizzlies game on halloween! Since we had no hot plans to speak of, we booked it downtown to box B52! When I wasn't eating garlic fries or my hot dog; I people watched, made fun of the bizarre half time performance of mj's thriller, browsed a $5 glossy book about the players that I found on the floor, tried to get brian's sunglasses from lost & found. - after this fun, we stopped for a donut at umamicatessen!!! a happy halloween was had by all!!!

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Anonymous said...

The diameter of a basketball hoop is 18 inches, and one can fit two basketballs inside at once...if you just push slightly ( a basketball diameter is 9.15 inches). Good shooting son! A palm-sized crumpled projectile is an easy shot for the likes of an adult-sized Zach, who could rarely find the trash can while growing up, much less, make the easy shot.