Tuesday, October 23, 2012

follow up to need/ want post

book haunted main street ventura hotel for melissa & tim's engagement party (booked it & requested NOT to be in the haunted room), start using eye cream (how do i know which one is good?), get my hair cut (still happening november 1 by that fellow who flies in every few months to cut the cools hair), take pics of me holding baby declan (I saw him last night @ jen's, which is a step in the right direction), figure out palm springs xmas (booked ace hotel 25-28), get the exclusive rifle paper LA print @ the urbanic party on saturday, drive the rrc everyday, lose 10 pounds (I have probably gained 5 pounds since we last spoke), book hotel for jenny & tim's palm springs wedding (booked!), wish the garlocks happy 11 year anniversary tomorrow (you read my lovely post), send shayna a + d pins (will do tomorrow), locate faux leather leggings (topshop is sold out), pick up dry cleaning, learn to use my sewing machine, paint my living room, get orange rit dye (to dye a radical top my mom got me @ the topanga cyn thrift store), stay tan (this dream is fading), eyelash fill (looking good but not as full as last time), find a bag of money in a dark alley (still combing) & open a present from you with THIS in it

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Anonymous said...

I would like to see added to your list ..Stop in and visit Zach's parents (They deserve some attention for not guilting us for not stopping in and visiting).