Monday, September 17, 2012

the latest & greatest!

presley's running for 5th grade secretary (& I helped her with her sign)!, jessica & jesse had a baby girl named evanne last tuesday, Lola's hello kitty birthday was the place to be, I'm sporting metallic navy nail polish, I finally saw danielle yesterday for the first time in months (yay!), my parents have been taking daily walks down memory lane while sorting through all the boxes in their basement (my charlie brown birth announcement, baby clothes, tons of old family photos, letters, blah blah), baby mcniece's name will be revealed at his birth (not even I know), paige & catherine joined me for lunch @ ed's (they're both back from their summer hiatuses), richard simmons dvd auditions are october 6th & 7th, mia & gavin have known each other for 13 years (and I was there when they met in NYC), breakfast @ cecconis, a giant bird's nest fell out of a palm tree onto our porch, we're staying in palm springs for two days after m & a's wedding to relax, avery has a girlfriend named lauren - how exciting is that?, kathleen's "favorite things" party is this wednesday - can't wait to see the westlakers!

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Anonymous said...

ALERT!! ALERT!! September 19th is International Talk Like A Pirate Day, or as the techies at the Los Angeles Police Headquarters like to brag..ITLAPD. With the nautical bend of this blog site, watch out for authentic argot augmented action words to spice up the blogpage....aarrg.