Tuesday, September 11, 2012

happy birthday to my favorite Dad!

You look amazing for having a 36 year old daughter! You have a wonderful sense of humor, I can always count on you, you are perfectly sarcastic, have a new hip & knee, love to body surf, alway win rotisserie league baseball, you are amazingly witty, a savvy entrepeneur, sophisticated, snooty, extremely generous, preppy, well read, hard working, hip to the scene, fun to be with, great to bounce ideas off, clever, you used to have a trainer named Lance, you're an avid connoisseur of baseball, I always look forward to spending time with you and of course -no one is better to go to the Negro Leagues Hall of Fame with! xoxoxo I can't wait to hang out every second when you move back to California!!!!

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Anonymous said...

This closely rivals the May 1962, birthday greeting that Marilyn Monroe gave to President John Kennedy, and cleverly avoids the bitter rancor that is associated with the copyright problems of that old American tune. Just play for maximum Scrabble points (like I do) and place the S behind Birthday..then playing down..t..e..v..e. Happy Birthdays Steve!!