Friday, August 10, 2012


paige & wes adopted a westie/schnauzer/maltese dog & named her dixie! yay! my mom is in albuquerque this weekend for her 40 year reunion! yay! I got the cutest hello kitty invitation to lola's 5th birthday in the mail yesterday! I'm on 'take mia to the hospital duty' this weekend if she goes into labor (my ringer is on)! yay! my parents are moving back to california (97% sure)! our family reunion last weekend was a smashing success! yay! my dad got a rattlesnake sausage last night at wurstkuche (fun dinner)! yay! missy's bridal shower is in one week! the lucky garlocks are in kauai! may hit up the tasting kitchen with my dad tonight! yay! dinner with sara shayna & mia @ akasha wednesday was so great - love catching up with the gals! walter is really cute! I've had my drivers license for 19 years! yay!

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Anonymous said...

According to the gemstone anniversary chart, the 19th is aquamarine.. a pretty blue beryl stone. Meg, you deserve this after all the traffic, breakdowns, and road mileage 19 years of driving piles up. Treat yourself (and be careful out there!).